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Evaluation Consulting and Training

Public libraries face increasing pressure to develop innovative services, secure sufficient funding, and maximize impact. Evaluation can help. Focused, rigorous evaluation assesses libraries’ success, identifies opportunities to improve, and provides a foundation for evidence-based practice.


I help libraries build capacity to evaluate their offerings and make evidence-based decisions related to programs, services, collections, and staffing. 

Strategy and planning

Getting started with evaluation can feel overwhelming and intimidating.


And once evaluation practices are up and running, it’s easy to get lost in the complexities of ongoing data and evaluation activities. 


I help libraries:

  • Take stock of your current evaluation and data practices.

  • Identify your most critical evaluation priorities and needs.

  • Develop a comprehensive evaluation strategy, divided into manageable phases.

  • Determine the right mix of internal and external evaluation professionals to meet your needs.

  • Create a plan for evaluating one or more of your key services, programs, or collections.

  • Establish criteria for judging the success of your evaluation efforts.


Training and coaching

Evidence-based decisions are only as good as the data that inform them. I coach and train the librarians, library staff, and teams responsible for evaluation in public libraries (“evaluation coordinators”) in rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. I also coach and train supervisors to position evaluation coordinators for success.


I help evaluation coordinators:

  • Strengthen the validity and reliability of your surveys.

  • Incorporate systematic, trustworthy qualitative methods into your evaluation activities.

  • Deepen your understanding of evaluation methodology and theory — the “why” beyond rigorous methods.

I help supervisors:

  • Determine the scope of your evaluation coordinator position or team.

  • Identify organizational structures that position your evaluation coordinator for success.

  • Develop position descriptions, performance competencies, and performance review frameworks.


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